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My first memory of London came courtesy of a Tourette's sufferer bawling "CHEESE" a few feet behind me, as I struggled out of a strange tube station named Walthamstow Central with an over-packed suitcase, dubious face and '999' poised on my mobile phone. My second memory was WiFi.

The Sleeping Beauty Motel, chosen by myself because it sounded like a Disney film and was cheap as chips, turned out to offer free WiFi to all its inhabitants, as well as harbouring an anomalous lockable fridge and wide open window that would make The HASAW Act 1974 weep in despair.

The one surprising feature of the motel (with exception of the grand total of four mirrors I counted in my room) was the Internet access. In fact I am using it now as I write this very blog, whilst loading BBC iPlayer and pretending to understand a grossly huge Wikipedia article on King Henry VIII (what can I say, I'm a geek).

The point of this blog is...well, I haven't decided yet. I think the lesson is that free WiFi is fantastic. Oh, and also never trust a hotel with no bath plugs.

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