When Bebo Goes Bad

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“I dropped a box of eggs off the top shelf onto a customer. Luckily my badge fell off and he never seen my name, score.”

"Score" indeed, as quoted by the immature twonk who had the indecency to post the above publicly on a now deceased Bebo group dedicated to Tesco staff in my local area. The recent news article concerning this presented not only in the Wishaw Press but national tabloid The Sun has hit home the growing trend of careless youngsters posting various tidbits of their working life to social networking groups.

As a result of similar situations, companies are wising up to the slapdash habits of its employees. You can be guaranteed a brand spanking new clause in your contract forbidding you to disclose unsuitable or confidential work-related information on the Internet, something that can't come quickly enough for the unfortunate yolk-covered customers of Tesco Belhaven. Has it put me off shopping there? You bet it has. Then again I was already put off by its huge imposing presence, sucking away the smaller supermarkets and livelihood of an already deteriorating town centre, not to mention the small number of aforementioned staff who are quite obviously dedicated to customer service. It is fair to say I am over-reacting; then again if I had ever seen a derogatory comment directed at me, it wouldn't be long before I was the one egg-pelting the shiny new windows of the supermarket elite.

Lets just hope these mindless fools are dismissed for their mindless pap, replaced by people who actually know that "every little helps".

A similar rant has been posted via the Destructoid community.

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